If you’re only about the rave, the music, and the drinks, then this party is NOT for you. 

Here are the reasons why:

Don’t attend if you don’t care about the community.

The Red Party is a party with a purpose. A celebration of young professionals unifying for a common cause and echoing the same statement. 

Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA) started the Red Party as a “friend-raising” event where 200+ young pros, emerging philanthropists, and community influencers gather to network, have fun, and have a meaningful celebration. Proceeds from this event helps fund the services and programs of the organization that provides critical resources and services to Chicago's low-income, immigrant, and refugee communities.

In pop-culture language, this is like the Met but for the Chicago community. An event where guests serve looks and the city. A double kill!

Don’t attend if you think attraction is based on one’s ethnic race.

Studies have shown that society perceived Asian men as “less attractive” or “less masculine” compared to other nationalities. In fact, despite the rise of interracial relationships, racial discrimination still plays out in online dating

It’s time to change the narrative and what better way than to highlight the grace of Asian men than through an ASIAN MEN FASHION SHOW?

It showcases looks from Asian fashion designers vested by dashing Asian American men from different industries including technology, business, entertainment, government, sports, finance, law, and medicine.

Some guaranteed high-profile participants of the fashion show are the 16th district Illinois State Representative Kevin Olickal, the 13th district IL State Representative Hoan Huynh, Asian American PA announcers in the professional sports scene Eugene “Gene” Honda, Founder of Jayaraman Law and part of the S1 & S2 casting of Indian Matchmaking Shekar Jayaraman, and many more!

It's not a secret that society has always had this discriminatory standard of what is attractive and masculine. The Asian Men Fashion Show is CMAA’s social commentary on that.

If you resonate with us, then join us on JUNE 15, 2023 at CineCity Studios (2429 W 14th St, Chicago, IL 60608)!

Don’t attend if you don’t like to have fun.

Quick recap: this party has the beats, the booze, and the purpose. What else does it have? The PRIZES! Guests can expect fun games, amazing raffles, and wine toss games! There’s so much in store. We can’t even!

Ironically, The Red Party may be open to ALL but clearly, it is not just for anyone. We’ve enumerated why you shouldn’t attend. Now the question is, will you?


For Asian men who wish to participate as a model for the Asian Fashion Show, please email events@chinesemutualaid.org

Jun 2, 2023

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