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Sippin' Success: The First Sip Cafe Story

In the heart of Argyle's bustling business corridor, there's a cozy corner that has become the community's caffeine haven—First Sip Cafe built by the dynamic duo Gigi Hoang and Erin Hoang.

Radiance of Compassion: The Transformative Legacy of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol

"With This Light" captures the transformative odyssey of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol, igniting a spark that has the potential to illuminate countless lives.

The Cumin Club: Where Convenience Meets Authentic and Healthy Indian Cuisine

Discover the Cumin Club's authentic and healthy Indian cuisine, using freeze-drying technology for freshness, offering regional flavors, and environmentally responsible packaging.

Deneza Jadol: Honoring Heritage through Music

The budding artist, Deneza, offers music that hints at what it’s like to be an immigrant who struggled to pursue passion over practicality.

Barbara’s Bookstore in Solidarity with AAPIs

In a pandemonium brought about by several uncertainties, Barbara’s Bookstore stood firm to provide refuge for those who are seeking a sense of truce. Discover how the bookstore continues to thrive and champion the AAPI community today.

The Making of Merry Richards Jewelers

Merry and Richard Cheng took the risk of entering a saturated market, defying all odds as immigrants in 1985 and being able to establish the now multi-million dollar Merry Richards Jewelers.

Node Bravely Enters the Digital World

If there’s anything that people can learn from entrepreneurs like Chicken & Rice Guys Founder Ian So, it is to just build the things that don’t exist yet especially if they’ll serve a meaningful purpose. Being unable to find a safe and brave space online where AAPIs can connect, Ian therefore founded Node.

Tales of Colorful Pride

In celebration of Pride month this year, we veered away from the usual virtual greetings and decided to reach out to the LGBTQ community so we can amplify their personal stories through a video series, Tales of Colorful Pride, that sheds light on what Pride really is. It certainly goes beyond the rainbow parade as it discusses even the queer community's poignant tales that are often overshadowed by the glitters of the celebration.