With the development of vaccines, the U.S. economy is slowly seeing the light after the pandemic’s ruinous impact which left thousands of businesses shut down and immobilized. Even with the government’s consistent effort in rolling out the vaccines, there are still doubts and questions rising from the citizens regarding the whole process.

On this basis, AARP decided to step up and partnered with Patel Brothers to disseminate free COVID-19 Vaccination Facts Handbook to the South Asian community. With the mission to help people pursue a safer lifestyle throughout the vaccination process, this handbook is made available in English and Hindi languages in all Patel Brothers stores nationwide.

This handbook consists of necessary information people should know before and after they get inoculated. This discusses what to expect, the health procedures during the vaccination process, and how to safely socialize with people to protect oneself and their loved ones. Moreover, it includes guiding information on what to do with the vaccine cards and what should be done when it’s lost.

The printed version is available until stocks last, while the digital version will continue to be accessible for all. Below are links to the digital handbooks that are currently released:

English: https://chinese.aarp.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/AARP_2021_Vaccine_Handbook_5.5x8.5_digital_EN.pdf 
Hindi: https://www.aarp.org/content/dam/aarp/health/conditions_treatments/2021/05/hindi-covid-vaccine-guide.pdf?cmp=RDRCT-519ca519-20210528

These are also accessible through QR codes displayed in various Patel Brothers stores.

AARP created the COVID-19 Vaccination Handbook initiative to assist the public in becoming more appropriately and clearly informed on COVID-19 and the vaccination process. Through this, may we soon achieve herd immunity for the welfare of all communities.

Aug 7, 2021

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