People have talents. Others have one, two, or more. Regardless if it’s artistic, academic, or athletic skills—all are designed to do something. And we all use them for something. Primarily, we use it to uplift our livelihoods, well-being, and finances—basically, ourselves. That’s not a bad thing. Still, it doesn’t lead to anything beyond what amplifies our self-serving glory. Then we meet someone like Mia Park who is blessed with many talents, who does many things and does it for one purposeful reason: to advocate and help others.

Mia acts, teaches yoga, produces, writes, volunteers, advocates, and even plays the drums! And in all things, she does them with an aim to help people. Especially in these trying times, she purposes herself to advocate for the APIDA (Asian Pacific Island Desi American) community and make their presence known in the entertainment industry.

Currently the executive producer of “Our Perspective: Asian American,” she has staged various performances and events that highlight Asian American theatre artists like directors, actors, and playwrights. This arts organization, which she also founded, supports Chicago-based Asian American Pacific Islander playwrights by giving them the avenue to host playwriting classes, produce live and virtual play readings, and more.

Aside from that, she also served the Jeff Committee, produced the Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists National Theatre Conference and Festival, and has organized meetup groups to support Asian American performances.

Using her passion for yoga, she teaches it to help others balance their health and wholeness, developing their inner refinement. She has offered countless free, online yoga nidra, conscious relaxation, classes for years and has been volunteering in Cook County Department of Corrections to teach prenatal yoga since 2010.

Mia is also a domestic violence advocate and has been volunteering for KAN-WIN, a gender-based violence prevention organization for over 20 years now. She also works and donates to many Chicago-based Asian American organizations such as the HANA center, the Asian American Coalition of Chicago, and many more. 

Everything that she does to boost herself, she also does it to boost others—even her love for music! Currently, she annually plays drums and sings in rock/pop bands for Covers for Cover, an all-female rock benefit series which helps raise money for homeless shelters for women.

With all these deeds and many more unmentioned, it is clear that her passion is whatever gives life to the community and to herself. Using her enthusiasm and boundless energy, she intends it to have a purpose not just for herself, but for others as well. With this unabated force, it’s no surprise that her works don’t go unnoticed.

She was featured in many media platforms—radio, TV, online, newspapers, and magazines.  In 2018, she was featured in ABC 7's show, "Asian Influences," recognizing how she uses her passion and skills to help the community. In the same year, her volunteer work in Cook County Jail as a yoga teacher was featured in NBC5's Making a Difference.

Mia Park is a multi-faceted person who uses all those facets to help and start ripples of goodness. She believes that when the water rises, all the ships rise with it. She is an #AsianWhoCAN uplift not just herself, but many others as well. 

May 26, 2021

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