Organizers at Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago put COVID-19 resources together to keep our communities up to date on the information and resources available about this pandemic. There’s a lot circulating on the internet, and social media at large. They hope that this living document can serve as a trusted resource that centers the needs of communities connected to Advancing Justice. 

They crafted this with the Pan-Asian Voter Engagement (PAVE) coalition and the KINETIC Youth Program in mind. They wanted to provide a concise reference guide that takes into account the potential needs of PAVE members, who are predominantly social service organizations, and KINETIC leaders, who are predominantly immigrant and refugee high school students.

They also urge everyone to double check anything that is being shared with them against official sources.

Finally, they would like to thank the HANA Center and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights for the work they’ve done in compiling information, which has been truly helpful.

Click Here to View the COVID-19 Resource Document

May 13, 2020

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