Chicago is a jungle of culinary diversity where choices and options know no bounds. However, for Stacy Seuamsothabandith and Byron Gully, there is still one more flavor missing that Chicagoans are yet to discover–Lao cuisine.

Tired of the consistent sentiment of Laos being a “forgotten” Asian country, they believe it is now time to reverse that. One night in March 2022, a new mission was born for the two.

Carrying this as a new motivation, they began their mission “to help make Laos the “unforgotten” Asian country.”

Photo Courtesy of Laos To Your House

Still, conceiving a vision is different from carrying it out. This is unfathomable even for the two dreamers who never thought of embarking on such a high-stake mission. “The chief challenge was to determine a way forward on how to share the Lao culture and cuisine with Chicago, in a way that allowed the idea to really take root and be scalable.” Stacy explained. There was a lot to consider like the area, regulatory, market testing, operations, etc.

However, journeys are less scary when you are not alone. Stacy shared that partnering with her husband (who is the COO), her brother (who is the Executive Chef), and receiving support from her mentors, friends, and family members, the idea became a reality.

For her, “Teamwork makes the dream work” has never been more true during the creation of Laos To Your House. She emphasized that it was not just her or her husband alone, it has been a collective effort “to incubate and grow Laos To Your House into a vehicle for change.”

Currently, Laos To Your House offers pick-up and delivery services of authentic Lao cuisine and snacks. This blooming food haven also allows their customers to create Lao-infused dishes on their own by selling dipping sauces and chili crisps.

WIth the trajectory of the business, Stacy could hardly single out one accomplishment, instead can only share immense gratitude for those who support them. “I am extremely grateful to the City of Chicago, including our customers, for helping to birth a brand that is having a real culinary and cultural impact on the city.”

Photo Courtesy of Laos To Your House

As Laos To Your House ventures into Chicago’s robust food scene, patrons and customers surely have more to expect from their culinary tapestry. As they continue to be faithful to their vision and as they persistently accomplish their mission collaboratively, the team behind Laos To Your House truly embodies the answer Stacy gave when asked for her advice to young entrepreneurs: “Define what “your” success looks like. Find a worthwhile mission to help fuel your journey and inspire those around you. And whatever you endeavor to do, find the right partner to take on this journey.”

Unravel the treasure of Lao cuisine. Visit them at:
Address: The Hatchery Chicago, 135 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: 872.250.(LAOS) 5267
Operating Hours: Pick-up and delivery hours depend upon communication

May 1, 2024

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