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Nowadays, as we get even more busy with work and the growing demands of society, spending some much needed time with your loved ones can sometimes be compromised. Treasure these holidays that give us an opportunity to convey our devotion.

This Valentine’s Day, express your appreciation by spending some quality time with your loved one. Go to the movies, take a tour, or better yet take them to a nice place for dinner. Nothing beats the classic dinner date, so we’ve listed some Asian Restaurants you ought to visit with your loved one this Valentine’s Day:

Filipino - Kasama Chicago

Photo from Kasama Chicago via Instagram

Chinese - MingHin Cuisine

Photo from MingHin Cuisine via Instagram

Japanese - Momotaro

Photo from Momotaro via Instagram

Korean - Daebak Korean BBQ

Photo from Daebak Korean BBQ via Instagram

Thai - Star of Siam

Photo from Star of Siam via Facebook

Cambodian - Hermosa Chicago

Photo from Hermosa Chicago via Instagram

Vietnamese - Sochi Saigonese Kitchen

Photo from Sochi Saigonese Kitchen via Instagram

Indian - ROOH Chicago

Photo from ROOH Chicago via Instagram

Malay - Serai

Photo from Serai via Instagram
Feb 12, 2023

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