At the heart of the documentary "With This Light" (Con Esta Luz) shines the remarkable story of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol, a true visionary who dedicated over 70 years to uplifting lives through her organization, Sociedad Amigos de los Niños, in Honduras. Jessica Sarowitz, the Executive Producer, shared insights into what makes Sister Maria Rosa's tale so compelling and how the film seeks to inspire change.


Sister Maria Rosa's story is one of unwavering determination and efficacy. Sarowitz affectionately labels her a "badass" who achieved transformative feats for decades. The decision to capture her life stemmed from the avalanche of stories, both locally and internationally, detailing her impact. Partnering with SOS villages and initiating agricultural programs, Sister Maria Rosa's legacy extended far beyond her borders.

Sarowitz's own encounter with Sister Maria Rosa was serendipitous. Born in Honduras and later moving to Chicago, she bonded with her compatriot. At the age of eight, she visited Sister Maria Rosa's haven and was struck by the genuine connection. This encounter revealed not only a non-profit organization but a dynamic ecosystem providing jobs and feeding the hungry, emphasizing dignity and agency.

The documentary's focus rests on two aspects: the awakening of individuals like Rosa and Maria under Sister Maria Rosa's guidance, and the genesis of her extraordinary journey. By highlighting marginalized voices, the film aims to show women's experiences in their countries, ultimately painting a universal picture of empowerment.

"With This Light" holds a unique position as it portrays a contemporary figure whose wisdom spanned decades. Sister Maria Rosa's consistent effectiveness in various eras underscores her exceptional leadership and unwavering vision. The documentary isn't just a story; it's a call to action. It beckons viewers to embrace a vision that fuels positive change, an echo of Sister Maria Rosa's indomitable spirit.

Sarowitz revealed a hidden facet of Sister Maria Rosa's leadership: her early morning prayer test for newcomers. This seemingly unusual initiation testified to her forward-looking vision and her knack for identifying true commitment.

The film's relevance transcends borders. Sister Maria Rosa's journey offers insights applicable to grassroots service initiatives, resonating with countries like the Philippines. Her story emphasizes the need to adopt similar outreach approaches to address complex societal issues.

Lessons drawn from Sister Maria Rosa's journey also extend beyond religious communities. Her radical approach, focused leadership, and collective vision hold universal appeal. The concept of "bayanihan," echoing communal unity, finds synergy with Sister Maria Rosa's ethos.

Sister Maria Rosa's narrative highlights the resilience of Honduran women, who tirelessly contribute to families and communities. Her cultivation of a feminine network amplifies their impact. Even beyond Catholicism, her belief in the worthiness of every individual is deeply resonant.

Sarowitz's parting message encourages everyone to watch the documentary, available on Amazon. "With This Light" doesn't just chronicle a life; it ignites our energy, renews our shared humanity, and implores us to be catalysts for change.

In summary, "With This Light" captures the transformative odyssey of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol. Her story exemplifies the profound impact of vision, compassion, and action. This documentary serves as a beacon, inspiring us to embrace our capacity to effect positive change.

Now available on demand (Vudu, Google Play, Prime Video, AppleTV+, Youtube, Vimeo).
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Aug 25, 2023

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