Hate crimes are going rampant alongside the coronavirus. To mitigate fear and unreasonable acts, Chicago lawmakers turn to a tested solution: education.

Representative Gong-Gershowitz and Senator Villivalam have sponsored House Bill 376 also known as the Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History (TEAACH) Act which will amend the Illinois School Code to purposely add the teaching of Asian American history in public schools.

Photo courtesy of Advancing Justice Chicago

The said legislation will highlight the different experiences and contributions of Asian Americans, ultimately advancing racial equity for all students in the area.

Once passed, the U.S. history curriculum is required to include important stories such as the wrongful incarceration of Japanese Americans in the 1940s, the contributions of Filipino farmworkers organizing in the ‘60s, and the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees after Vietnam War, among others.

This further recognizes that Asian American history is integral to the entirety of U.S. history that can hopefully enlighten all citizens on the utter injustice that Asian Americans have been enduring due to racism and xenophobia.

The TEAACH Act will not only allow Asian American students to reflect on their own experiences but serve as an eye-opener that solidarity among the supposed united citizens has been consumed by shameful hatred and violence at a time when it is needed the most.

Still, it is not too late for change.

Mar 22, 2021

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