Imagine being a vegetarian in Chicago, where finding quick and healthy meal options is always a challenge. This was the predicament faced by Ragoth Bala, a busy professional balancing work and business school. Faced with limited time for grocery shopping and cooking from scratch, he relied on his mother, who sent him home-cooked meals all the way from India. Inspired by this convenient solution, Bala, along with his co-founders Kiru Rajagopal and Harish Visweswaran, decided to make authentic and healthy Indian food accessible to everyone. This marked the birth of The Cumin Club.

Starting as a small experiment, The Cumin Club quickly gained popularity as more and more people, both Indian and non-Indian, fell in love with their flavorsome creations. With a shared passion for bringing the taste of home to people's tables, the founders set out on a mission to make authentic and healthy Indian cuisine readily available to all. They knew they were onto something special.

One of the unique aspects of The Cumin Club is their unwavering commitment to freshness and flavor, without compromising on convenience. Their meal kits are carefully curated by expert chefs from various regions in India, using quality ingredients that you can recognize and understand. No preservatives, gums, or emulsifiers here—only ingredients you would find in your own mother's kitchen.

To ensure that their meal kits stay fresh longer, The Cumin Club employs a time-tested freeze-drying technology. By preserving their ingredients this way, they achieve a shelf life of up to six months. It's as easy as adding water and cooking for just five minutes. It's like a ramen experience but with far superior ingredients like lentils, rice, veggies, beans, and paneer. And the best part? They ship their meal kits in environmentally responsible packaging—no dry ice, no iceboxes—just recyclable packs. Good food that's good for the world too.

Creating the perfect recipes wasn't an easy task. The Cumin Club's R&D center, led by Kiru Rajagopal and his team, went through countless experiments, exploring hundreds of ingredients and thousands of recipe variations. The result? Over 35 mouthwatering recipes available on their website, Every recipe shares the same promise of convenience which is only to add water and cook for five minutes.

What sets The Cumin Club apart from traditional Indian restaurants is its dedication to showcasing the true diversity of Indian cuisine. While many Indian restaurants in the United States serve dishes influenced by British Indian food, The Cumin Club celebrates the vibrant flavors of different regions in India. They offer recipes from seven distinct Indian cuisines, with more to come in the future. Whether you're from Mumbai or Chennai, their regionally sourced spices guarantee an authentic and enjoyable culinary experience.

Authentic, healthy, and convenient—that's the winning combination The Cumin Club offers. 

Bala emphasizes, "It's easy to get two out of the three right, but our meal kits hit the trifecta every time. They are different from restaurant food, microwave meals, and everything in between." It's not just restaurant food or microwavable meals; it's a whole new level of satisfaction.

The founders of The Cumin Club are not just passionate about their business as they lead dynamic lives outside of work too. Ragoth Bala enjoys playing squash and starts his day with an invigorating Orange Theory workout. Harish Visweswaran, a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, explores new restaurants, practices yoga, and indulges in watching sports. Kiru Rajagopal finds joy in spending quality time with his six-year-old son and embarking on memorable road trips.

Looking ahead, The Cumin Club envisions reshaping the perception of Indian cuisine and reintroducing the flavors enjoyed by 1.5 billion people in India. With a growing emphasis on reducing meat consumption and embracing plant-based alternatives, Indian food holds tremendous potential to contribute to the evolving food landscape. The founders hope that The Cumin Club will be at the forefront of this movement.

Are you ready to savor the flavors of The Cumin Club? Better check out their official website at now. You can also follow them on Instagram (@the_cumin_club) and TikTok (@the_cumin_club) for a tantalizing glimpse into their flavorful world of Indian cuisine.

Jul 5, 2023

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