The elusive yet grand American Dream is the driving force that led Yong Sup Na to depart South Korea and settle in the United States of America. It is in this new country that he realized some, if not all, of his dreams particularly that of building a family and setting up a business. He also paid it forward by employing residents of Bronzeville and adjacent communities.

Even as a non-essential worker, Na is one of the citizens who was hit the hardest by the pandemic. The business that he built from the ground up was looted and the remaining goods were intentionally destroyed.

It is these types of events that any human spirit may crumble under the gravity of the situation but Sandra, Yong’s daughter, knows that her father can overcome this if given the chance to start again. Members of their community came through by helping them look for salvageable materials and cleaning up the shop but they would need $500, 000 to fully get back on their feet.

Hence the call to donate to Sandra’s fundraiser in GoFundMe for the American dream is not really anchored on a place but it is the fire inside every person in America to make the US of A a better place to live in for everybody, with everybody.

To donate, click here:

Jun 5, 2020

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