2020 has undoubtedly shaken up the world in more ways than one and the K-Pop scene is no exception. With the power of social media and the internet, various Asian pop culture themes are finally making their way into different parts of the globe. For that reason, people have widely been exposed to the mesmerizing world of Korean music. You can even hear the catchy tunes on streaming sites and applications that were once only dominated by Western Music.

Individuals from all over the world who do not even speak the language are banning together in support of their favorite groups. The popularity of K-Pop has created opportunities to form close communities relating to one’s favorite band which are filled with hot discussions about their personal biases, concert dates, tours, merchandise, and more! Wondering what all the excitement is about? We didn’t want you to miss out on the fun so we’re giving you a quick roundup of these groups and some of their popular songs! Check out our list of some of the K-Pop groups you should not be missing out on: 

1.       BTS

Photo courtesy of Grammy

Arguably the most influential boy band to exist within the K-Pop scene. BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) has sold over 7 million albums worldwide as of July 2018 and has helped with the integration of Korean Music in the West. Their songs tackle a variety of topics from standing up against injustice and speaking for today’s youth, detailing the hardships that come with bullying, and even songs talking about the struggles dealing with mental illness.

They are also the first Korean boy group to be nominated for a Grammy award! Listen to their newest Album BE which touches upon themes of comfort, loneliness, anxiety, depression, frustration, hope, connection, and joy brought about by the pandemic.

Popular Songs: Life Goes On, Dynamite, Blue & Grey, Fly To My Room, and Telepathy

2.       BlackPink

Photo courtesy of Style

One of the most well-known K-Pop girl groups in the world, BlackPink enthralls its listener with their jaw-dropping visuals, catchy hooks, and rap lines provided by members Lisa and Jennie, while the bridges and Pre-choruses were sung beautifully by lead vocalists Jisoo and Rose--they will surely leave you stunned. Hits like ‘How you like that’ and ‘Lovesick Girls’ will make you ecstatic and keep your finger hovering to the replay button. 

BlackPink has collaborated with a barrage of western artists like Selena Gomez with their latest single for ‘Ice Cream’, the group has also collaborated with Dua Lipa for ‘Kiss and Make Up’ and with Cardi B for ‘Bet You Wanna’.

Popular Songs: How You Like That, Lovesick Girls, Pretty Savage, Ice Cream, and Kill This Love

3.       Twice

Photo courtesy of Kpopmap

A nine-membered girl group Twice has set the course for feel-good bubble-gum songs like ‘Likey to more mature unique topics like ‘Fancy’ and ‘More and More’. Ever since their debut, they have been steamrolling the charts, from multiple records to various endorsements. Twice has always been number 1 in Youtube trending whenever they release a new song. They are the most culturally diverse group on the list with 3 of their members are Japanese (Sana, Mina, and Momo) and another Taiwanese member (Tzuyu). Twice has also been regarded as the ‘Nation’s Girl Group’ title previously held by another popular Korean group GIRLS GENERATION.

With perfectly timed choreography and captivating songs, Twice will not disappoint you.

Popular Songs: I CAN’T STOP ME, FANCY, Feel Special, MORE & MORE, and I’LL SHOW YOU

4.       Red Velvet

Photo courtesy of Koreaboo

The Nation’s Pride. Red Velvet is a popular girl group that succeeded the aforementioned GIRL GENERATION, they were one of the few select girl groups who were allowed to perform in North Korea for Korean Peace Relations. They are also well-respected by the public, serving as ambassadors for Red Cross and UNICEF. Moreover, they are the creators for some of K-Pop’s biggest hits like ‘DUM DUM’ ‘RED FLAVOR’ ‘PEEK A BOO’ and ‘PSYCHO’.

Without ample U.S. promotions, Red Velvet hit 3 number 1 albums on the U.S. ITUNES Chart, 4 number 1s on the Billboard Albums Chart doing so with their hit ‘PSYCHO’.

Popular Songs: Psycho, Future, Bad Boy, Peek-A-Boo, and Red Flavor

5.       ITZY

Photo courtesy of Makestar

Debuting in 2019, ITZY has made a big splash in the K-Pop music ocean. Their debut song ‘DALLA DALLA’ reaching No. 2 on the Billboard World Digital Songs Sales Chart and registered at 17.1 million ‘day-of’ views on Youtube, breaking the world record of the most viewed K-Pop debut music video in history. Songs like ‘ICY’ and their newest hit “NOT SHY” will surely empower you. Their songs talk about individuality and being proud of yourself. With their precise, clear-cut dance moves and catchy hooks and rap lines, ITZY will surely be on your next playlist.

Popular Songs: Not Shy, WANNABE, 달라달라 (DALLA DALLA), ICY, and Be In Love

Are they starting to pique your interest yet? Well, there are certainly a lot more K-pop groups who are spicing up the music arena. Do a quick Google search and thank us later for discovering them yourselves. Enjoy the rabbit hole!

Dec 16, 2020

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