Courtesy of Lea Villena

It is not an easy feat to make a name in a fast-paced industry such as fashion and jewelry. Even so, nothing is impossible with enough grit coupled with a creative vision that would make a brand unique. 

Merry and Richard Cheng took the risk of entering a saturated market, defying all odds as immigrants in 1985 and being able to establish the now multi-million dollar Merry Richards Jewelers. They started their business with their $5,000 wedding money for their dream armed with Richard’s experience in wholesale jewelry sales. For more than three decades, they sustained their name as a trusted business with excellent customer service and merchandise at a great value. 

While the couple still runs the show, their son Scott has been working on its day-to-day operations. Today, he is set to ensure that their family treasure thrives even in the coming years. 

Though, like any other enterprise, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted them to rethink their ways of doing business and decided to reduce their footprint by focusing on online sales. It is an innovation that they are most proud of as well as managing to keep all their employees amidst the crisis. 

The pandemic has been undeniably difficult for all businesses but it is not something new to Merry Richards as it has been through economic recessions like in 2002 and 2009. “During such times, we are just trying to break even so we can pay our employees and just hang on until recovery begins,” shared Scott.

Their family gives high importance to their people including their jeweler who has been with them for 20 years and whom they are especially grateful for. “He sets all our diamonds and does all our repairs. Jewelry repair is a dying art form since most young people are not interested in it so it is going to be super hard once he retires,” Scott said. Despite seeing the need to have a Plan B for their jewelry repair service, he assured that the company will continue to pursue its core strategies and support people in the community in the next five years. 

Courtesy of Lea Villena

While Merry Richards acknowledges its tough competitors like Tiffany & Co., it stands by its brand value of being an affordable yet quality label available to everyday consumers. They bring fine fashion closer to people. “We stand strong because of merchandising and our capability to predict trends that we get to follow quickly with a customer-first mindset,” Scott explained. He also advised young entrepreneurs not to be afraid of failure as it hones adaptability. “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying to do new things.”

As they brave the latest trends, patrons of Merry Richards can expect new creations this year by different designers such as Brevani, Simon G, Tacori, and Christopher Design. “We are here to serve your needs and can make anything beyond your wildest imagination,” Scott promised. They are up for anything for they want to challenge themselves to be better. “May it be diamond iPhone cases, gold statues, or custom jewelry, we’ll make it happen.” 

No wonder Merry Richards Jewelers thrives today–it is good under pressure, like how diamonds are made. 

Mar 6, 2022

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