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A pro-Trump mob stormed the United States Capitol building on Wednesday to stop lawmakers from counting Electoral Votes that eventually certified the presidential victory of Joe Biden. The riot resulted in many injuries and loss of lives due to some glaring issues surrounding the very foundation of U.S. democracy: white supremacy and greed.

The world watched in horror an unnerving replay of American history in the modern day scene as the willful breeding of misinformation fueled anger and furthered political polarization.

Leaders are also challenged, as they should have always been, to address the judiciary bias to White Americans with the noticeable double standard of police response to the Capitol insurrection versus the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

To make America great again, the new leaders should be able to spell out the next steps to hold Trump accountable. Pitch perfect statements on the obvious wouldn’t bring justice to the lives lost.

It is a shame that the rioters could end up in prison for 10 years under the Trump monument executive order. The fun of seizing the liberty to take selfies while committing treason in the Capitol was down the drain just like that.

America must take its steadying breath to come together as one in embracing the democracy everyone deserved. Not letting go of Trump unscathed is a good first step.

Jan 8, 2021

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