As the world starts to open up, we can’t help but be excited for the upcoming year. Travel has been rampant and various airlines have started to expand and branch out creating easier access to countries for one person to be able to visit. One of these would be United Airlines that recently opened a direct flight to the Philippines from San Francisco. News about United Airlines expanding has been going on for a while as they’ve also opened up more access to Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo! 

Photo courtesy of USA Today

Flying from San Francisco, the Boeing 777-300ER will be the daily aircraft flying to Manila and so having been the first United States Airline to fly directly to the Philippines, we wanted to see what the experience was like. We were able to get anecdotes from a recent passenger who shared their experience with us stating that the entire trip was a memorable and exciting experience for them. DJ Virgil Luis, was headed to the Philippines when he decided to fly with United Airlines.

Photo courtesy of Virgil Luis

“During my flight experience I found that it was easy to coordinate with the airline app on my mobile, and the UA Staff attendants both on the ground and within the airplanes mid flight” as he shared how it was like to fly. Ease in coordination is something that most passengers do consider when they choose the airline but apart from that, travelers also consider the comfort that comes along with the flight. Virgil shares that his flight experience going on a direct flight to Manila was nothing but relaxing as he notes that the aircraft is well-equipped. “I don’t need to worry about draining my devices’ batteries during the international flight…the seat(s) features are equipped with a power outlet…” he notes.

Photo courtesy of Virgil Luis

To keep him entertained, Virgil shared that he didn’t need to keep using his phone to distract him from boredom. He commends that the in-flight entertainment of the airline was “awesome” as it had so many of his favorites from the music, to the movies and shows and even down to the games that he could play while on board the aircraft. While he was on flight Virgil shares that he was even able to catch up on recently released films that he missed out on watching. Good entertainment is a plus for travelers who are also looking for the most updated entertainment selection to keep them entertained in-flight.

Having made it easier for Virgil to visit his motherland, he notes that there is no doubt this new access could bring other Filipinos and Filipino-Americans closer together as they would be encouraged to visit the Philippines as United Airlines is easily accessible in every state. “The important reason for me why I support & enjoy this latest route from United Airlines is because it makes it feel very much simpler to be able to go back home to my motherland and visit my family and relatives and the new friends I have met.” he says.

Indeed with this new route access to the Philippines, various Filipinos and Filipino-Americans in different states looking to visit their motherland wouldn’t need to hop on different airlines in order to catch a direct flight. It allows for them to have more airlines to choose from. 

This new route has been part of the airline’s network expansion to the South-Pacific and is considered to be one of the airline’s largest expansions. With this news in mind, we can’t wait for more direct flights to open.

Dec 28, 2023

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