When one is lost, stuck in a rut, and constantly wondering how they could best reach their full potential, they are oftentimes faced with questions revolving around making life better. The pandemic has given everyone enough time to truly reflect on their current predicaments. This sudden reset left a great number of people questioning their life choices and reworking ways on how they could squeeze in some time for some self-care. Fortunate are those who are able to figure out what they want to do, who they want to be and be able to shift from one career to another. But what about the rest?

The Tadhana Journey

Meet UX Designer Micah Evangelista, Founder of Tadhana Creative Coaching--a holistic life and creative career coaching geared towards empowering its clients most especially the generational womxn to be their best authentic selves. Interestingly, Micah herself underwent a huge change before putting up the business. 

When Micah was still in an agency, her tasks involve alleviating the struggles that people often face as they navigate their way around technology. Having this familiarity, she thought to open her own web design agency last year but found that it wasn’t what she thought it would be. “I thought that was what I had hoped and dreamed of doing for myself. However, as the months went on, I started feeling the burnout of juggling numerous clients at a time,” she shared. She also faced the struggles of depression. She went into therapy, consulted with a psychiatrist, and in a last attempt to revive her agency she signed up for life coaching.

It was during her healing journey that she learned to tap into her inner child. She realized she wanted to be able help those who are also undergoing the same struggles that she is facing and lend a hand in overcoming their deep-rooted problems and traumas. It was from that experience that Tadhana Creative Coaching was born--a business that taps into one’s inner child and centers on love, compassion, and self-care.

A compassionate business from the heart

In the world of business especially during these trying times, everyone is doing everything they can to stay afloat. That also means sometimes forgetting certain moral compasses in order to get ahead and still be in the game. Micah, on the other hand, believes in a different type of business strategy: to be compassionate. She confidently shares that through this method, any client who comes her way is a “soulmate client”. Her business is strongly tailored to those who are ready to start and commit to their own healing journey in order to “cultivate their authentic selves”

After initiating her own web design agency and discovering that it wasn’t what she truly wanted, the business fell through. “I realized it did not come from my heart or my soul,” she said. When it comes to running any good business, as a life coach, one of the lessons Micah would like to impart is that it has to come from one’s heart and should be in line with the person’s core values. The best way to achieve this is by fully understanding one’s own desires and passions. “First, we must realize what we love doing. Then, we strategize on how we can live our dream lives doing just that,” she advises.

Looking ahead

In the near future, Micah hopes that she and her brand Tadhana Creative Coaching would become leaders in the life coaching industry that could continually serve generational womxn most especially those hailing from immigrant families. She looks forward to establishing Tadhana Creative Coaching as a heartwarming community that would one day create opportunities “for high schoolers, college students, young adults, and adults alike”. In line with that, Micah looks forward to being able to create a creative scholarship fund for high schoolers allowing them to “break through walls at an early age in order to be able to pursue a creative dream”.

With many people constantly looking to improve themselves, there is no denying that with Micah’s beautiful vision, Tadhana Creative Coaching is well on its way to becoming a go-to self-care center for those who are in much need of clarity and self-healing. After all, a business whose services are fashioned in helping heal one's inner most problems, is a business worth taking part and pursuing.

Micah Evangelista will be offering a 1:1 Coaching service program in April called: The Roadmap To Your Tadhana. This program is a 4 month program centralized around the inner child. The program will focus on bridging the gap between the inner child and the higher self and clarify your goals, change your systems and reprogram your mind to realize that the person you always dreamed of being is already inside of you. 

Pre-sale of program slots is already happening! For inquiries visit @tadhana.creative or email her at hello@tadhanacreative.com

Mar 25, 2021

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