Have you ever gotten a dessert after dinner and still found yourself craving some more, only the place you’re currently dining is about to close? Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and went straight to the fridge only to find that what you are looking for isn’t there? Did you go drinking and then you couldn’t find a place to have a night cap? Want to support a local business with a worthwhile cause? Well, if any of these questions have caught your attention, perhaps the answer you’ve been looking for is right around Boystown, Chicago’s LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood. 

Located at 3301 North Sheffield Avenue, lies the thriving and colorful business that is Jennivee’s Bakery. Owned by Jenne Vailoces, a proud Filipino trans woman who dreams of owning a bakery that would cater to ALL regardless of their identity which has finally come to life. Initially a Physical Therapist by trade, her love for baking started at the tender age of 6 when she started to help her mom around the kitchen. Since then, baking has always been her passion.

The Big Sign

The idea for her business came up when she found that some bakeries would deny their services to LGBT couples who would want to have custom cakes for their weddings or any special occasion. As someone who passionately advocates for the causes and issues of the Trans and LGBTQ community, Jenne knew she had to address this gap one way or another. As she fulfills her dream of becoming a baker, she marries her business with a worthwhile cause: serving the LGBTQ community. Now, situated close to the heart of Boystown, which is known to be the LGBTQ neighborhood of Chicago, Jennivee’s Bakery opens its doors proudly and serves anyone regardless of what they identify themselves as. 

With the bakery’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, right off the bat, it quickly became the talk of the town and has been making a buzz since it was first established in February 05, 2017. Her bakery is now one of the top bakeries in Chicago.

Unique Patisserie

Every customer always looks for that unique flavor in every bakery that they visit. Flavors become even more special when you visit a bakery during holidays or any wonderful occasion. With Pride month in full session, apart from their Rainbow cake (which has been voted Chicago’s Best Rainbow Cake), a bestselling must-try among the Jennivee’s Bakery menu is the Purple Velvet cupcake, the Tres Leches cupcake, and the Mango Creme cake. These items will surely quench anybody’s sweet tooth and will surely add rich flavors to your palate serving as a great reminder of the month’s colorful occasion.

Aside from infusing some Filipino tropical flavors into her delicious patisseries, her bakery is well known for its chic cozy ambiance, custom catering, and for being open until wee hours of the night. Yes, you read that right. Jennivee’s Baker is a late night bakery where they are open until midnight and even until 2am on weekends. They’re even BYOB, making the bakery a must-visit destination should you have any sudden nightly sugar cravings.

Jennivee’s Bakery Today

Currently, Jenne is looking to expand beyond the area she serves. For all those who have been dying to get a taste of her desserts but are not necessarily near the area, you’re in luck. This coming Saturday, June 12, Jennivee’s Bakery partners with Brew Lounge for its first pop-up sale around Des Plaines. If you’re near the area, drop by and have a sample of their bestsellers. 

Given that it is Pride Month, let’s go out there and show our support for all those proudly LGBTQ-owned businesses. 

Jennivee’s Bakery is open on Mondays between 4pm to 12am, Tuesday-Friday from 12pm to 12am, Saturdays at 10am to 12am, and Sundays from 12pm to 10pm. Cupcakes are sold for $4.25, cake slices for $8.50, and whole cakes are priced between $45-80. 

All photos provided by Jennivee's Bakery.

Jun 10, 2021

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