Everyone is capable of dreaming but circumstances hinder the possibility of achieving it. Nonetheless, privileges can only go so far, but grit and perseverance can take anyone anywhere. This proves to be true for an immigrant from Mongolia who only wanted to be able to pay for his rent so he can finish school. In the midst of working in a local moving company to earn his rent money, he found a spark that can put his dream ablaze.

Khan Chimeddorj grew up in the coldest capital of the world—Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. His parents were merchants who did trades of all sorts, leaving him to be independent at a young age. As he adopts the trader mindset—buy low, sell high—from his parents, he has already started a number of legitimate businesses. This includes selling phones and running a learning center that helps high schoolers prepare for colleges in the U.S. At 17 years old, he knows what it’s like to take risks and fail.

With hope for a better life secured in his luggage, he went to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He faced a massive cultural shock but the Mongolian in him who is good at adapting to changing environments made him push through to complete his education. There were challenges such as being unable to pay for his rent and thus becoming a mover in Chicago for one summer. He turned his disadvantages into opportunities which ultimately led to his success today. His manager assigned him as a crew leader who handles all communications with customers at that time. While he was polishing his customer service skills, he was also able to identify the loopholes in the moving business such as customer experience, hidden costs, and inaccurate estimates. “These problems were hurting both the business and the customer,” he explained. He carried his experience with him when he went back to school, dreaming that he would open a moving company that focuses on delivering good customer service rather than treating moving as a labor-oriented service. It is at this moment when his ship sailed from its safe harbor—ready to introduce new trades and insights.

Today, he runs Nationwide Movers & Storage, a family-owned moving company with services across the nation. The process was certainly not easy, but he and his brother managed to comprehend the entirety of the state’s legal environment, which they consider as their biggest struggle, to ensure that they comply with every pertinent law. Statistics show that on average, 75% of people that hire moving companies face one of the two problems: (a) inconsistency between the initial quote estimate and the final charges, and (b) hiring uninsured/unlicensed companies that oftentimes results in exposing the customer to certain dangers such as theft, extortion, unsafe moving trucks, and the like. Backed by his experience and research, he makes sure that they use the latest technologies to accurately estimate costs and provide stress-free services.

While the pandemic has impacted all industries, it didn’t impede their operations as they have taken into consideration every scenario that could happen prior to COVID-19. Indeed, their crisis management is excellent for keeping in mind one simple principle: everything that can go wrong will go wrong. As they focus on the things that they can control, they have implemented different strategies to remain valuable to their target consumers, which are as follows:

1) Payment plan options for customers who are on a budget;

2) Virtual consultation to prevent physical interactions with customers;

3) Additional storage services, given that a lot of people are moving back into their parents’ houses and looking for storage units for their furniture and other belongings; and

4) Doing all of the paperwork electronically to avoid the spread of the virus.

Everyone is already having a difficult time nowadays, and to give them more stress when subscribing to a service is not something any company would want. As much as Nationwide Movers & Storage value their customers, they also put their workers’ well-being as a top priority. All of them get tested every two weeks and they do not use subcontractors to limit any possible risks. With their practices, it is undeniable that they are an exemplary company, offering all types of moving and packing/unpacking services. They intend to make every single move a good experience for their customers. “I’d like to tell my people that we’re not a moving company but rather a customer service company,” Khan said. This is evident with the reviews they have been getting from their customers, proving that they walk the talk.

Customers can contact them via 708-608-1423 or at info@NationwideMoversandStorage.com. They can also visit their website at https://www.nationwidemoversandstorage.com/. Needless to say, it takes a good leader to run a good company. Benjamin Cochrane, Nationwide Movers & Storage Account Executive, shared with us that Khan is not only a business owner, but a friend and a concerned citizen who remembers his roots. “Khan works alongside his brother and strives to employ Asian American immigrants,” he said. Benjamin looks up at Khan as a natural leader who has a gift to bring others along with his success. 

The 17-year-old risk-taker is clearly still around when we asked Khan for some advice to business owners who are presently struggling due to the pandemic. Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the uncertainties, he said to try to control what they can. “Being profitable is every company’s goal but sometimes you got to take some short-term losses for greater gains in the long run. If your business can survive COVID, I’m sure it will thrive after COVID,” he added. 

At the end of the day, people come first before profit, as they are the best assets any business could ever have.

Oct 16, 2020

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