As industries paddle through unforeseen obscurities, it is crucial to innovate and deliver services safely. CEO and Founder of Infinet, Lucas Liu, understood this too well that he started the company to provide AI-driven self-ordering kiosks for quick service restaurants (QSRs), effectively replacing their manual registers.

He ran a restaurant in Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood for 7 years while studying for his Ph.D degree in Computer Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. His passion and expertise made him more than capable to help the restaurant community be more efficient through technology. Apart from himself, most of them at Infinet have worked in the industry in some capacity. They have a good grasp of all the moving parts that make a successful restaurant. This is what inspires them: the entrepreneurial journey of a restaurant owner.

As people say, you can only drive change when you’ve become part of the system. Being invested in an industry armed with the know-how will ultimately lead to acquiring both the beacon and wisdom to make things better. Thus, everyone on their team continuously strives to create the best products possible. Lucas also looks into diversifying their company as he gives importance to inclusion and equal opportunities. 

Their product, InfiKIOSK, has been shown to create 15% larger tickets  compared to manual registers and guarantee peak hour capacity increase by at least 30%. It is simple to install with no technology background required, saving restaurant owners a lot of time. Their focus is on helping QSRs to scale up by maximizing their operational efficiency. Moreover, they integrate with other restaurant technology partners and grow the ecosystem together. It is clear that marching towards this direction is not only for them but for the entire restaurant community. 

Infinet has proven to be resilient as they continue to hold hands with their clients to fight back the damaging blows of the pandemic with technology upgrades. Despite being a young startup, they have already received many positive feedback and referrals from existing clients. Those who are using their solution can safely operate during the pandemic with many of them able to break even and survive. Lucas believes that the most important character for a leader in a startup is the ability to picture the company's vision to the team, client, and investors and approach it with solid tractions.

After steadily growing in Chicago, they have started servicing restaurants in Indianapolis and Boston. “We can grow during these difficult times only because more and more restaurants start to realize it is necessary to upgrade their restaurant with technology and we are their ideal technology partner,” Lucas said. While they work on growing their business, they ensure to keep a good relationship with their partners as it is vital in nurturing their trust reserves. 

With more people getting used to self-ordering, more restaurants will also opt to upgrade their technology. Infinet will constantly look for ways to improve their services for the betterment and safety of communities as a whole.

You can contact them at 844-999-2826 or via email at

Nov 6, 2020

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